Specialist Personal Training, Private Yoga, Pilates, Weight Loss, Private Personal Training. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Nutrition
Specialist Personal Training, Private Yoga, Pilates, Weight Loss, Private Personal Training.  Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Nutrition

Private Sessions

Personal Training

Lisa and Alex are both REPs qualified Personal Trainers, offering innovative and fresh ideas on functional training and perfomance techniques. This offers their clients minimal risk of injury, optimal training conditions to get the most out of each and every session and get some real results. There is now a substancial volume of evidence to favour shorter more intense full body workouts, over the traditional steady state, long duration sessions of an hour or more. The results of such training has shown to greatly improve fitness levels, metabolic rates to break down food faster and more efficently, fat loss and bring about real change. 


Lisa and Alex both enjoy using minimal equipment, using challenging bodyweight exercises and engaging in effective cardo programmes. "We want to keep our sessions varied and challenging for our client. There is nothing more motivating for clients than to keep the mind engaged and body guessing what is coming next for it.


"Our goal is to offer real training for our clients to learn, understand and therefore self manage their goals. We only have short period of time with them and so to get real results they must not only give 100% effort when with us, but also take that motivation away and have the desire to bring about real change to their health, body and fitness levels." 


Prices start from as little as €20.00 per session. Full prices can be seen here....

Private Yoga & Pilates

Both Lisa & Alex offer private Yoga sessions and Lisa is also available for private Pilates sessions. These can be on a 1:1 basis or for a small group of friends who do not or cannot get to a regular class at Casa Alessa. Sessions can be held at Casa Alessa, Moraira, or in some instances can be held at your own venue.


You may benefit from a private session if you are recovering from an injury or illness and need more close attention than you would receive as part of a large group class, or if you have specific goals in mind which again, may not be met by attanding a large group class.


Prices start from €35.00 per session. For full prices and options click here..

Private Group Training

Alex & Lisa are happy to run private group sessions from Casa Alessa or from your own venue on a regular basis. This can be Yoga, Pilates or Metafit. Group Power & Conditioning and other sessions can be run from Casa Alessa. Please email us your requests and we will put something together for you. lisa@casa-alessa.com